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DesignDesign Inc. provides Industrial Design, Engineering and Marketing to makers of high-tech systems for Medical, Defense, Science, and Commercial markets. We deliver top-quality product design, ergonomic and human-factor usability studies, expedited manufacturing coordination, and clear communication of benefits.

At DesignDesign, our commitment to high quality design and customer success is our objective. We're a team of talented associates, complementary in education and experience, striving for excellence in our individual disciplines and cooperative interaction, from concept through launch. We help our clients achieve a competitive advantage and secure additional market share with affordable top-quality product design, strengthened brand recognition, cross-discipline interaction and elevated product promotion.

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DesignDesign provides Industrial Design, Engineering and Marketing to makers of high-tech scientific systems, commercial and consumer products. They deliver top-quality product design, strengthened brand recognition, manufacturing expertise for implementation, and elevated product promotion as needed.

Concept Development

Concept Development

Your million dollar idea does little good sitting on the shelf. Our creative team of designers and developers help formulate product concepts to bring that idea to life.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

While based in analytical thinking, we also take a human approach to all projects. We design with the end user in mind in order to improve functionality, value, and appearance.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we thoroughly analyze each individual component to ensure the quality of your overall structure. We concentrate on the "parts" so you can concentrate on the "whole."

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Most don't care how it works; they just want it to work. Our engineers use the latest technological advances, safety standards, and long-lasting materials to ensure "it's all systems go."

User Experience Interface

User Experience & Interface

It's one thing to develop a product that works, but we pride ourselves on developing products that work in sync with how your customers think. Our intuitive designs are easy to use and highly effective.

Model Prototype Development

Model and Prototype Development

Whether it's a crude mock-up, a virtual representation, or a fully-functioning model, we provide virtual and physical prototypes to help you work out the final design details.

Manufacturing Liason

Manufacturing Liaison

With our years of experience, we have developed relationships with the best domestic and off-shore vendors in the industry. Manufacturing your product is easy with DesignDesign leading the way.

Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Packaging's job is to be visually appealing to consumers while protecting the integrity of your product. Our job is to develop a packaging design that delivers on both.



From product to packaging, our designs ensure brand compliance. No brand? No problem. We can help you create an identity that truly resonates with your audience.

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