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Happy Halloween!

Posted on: October 28th, 2011 by designdesign

At this time of year, I love carving pumpkins. Here is a pumpkin that I carved to look like my pug, Hank.

I stumbled upon this link of REALLY great carved pumpkins. Click here to view the pumpkins.  There are some great pumpkins to get your inspired and ready for Halloween!

The Importance of Kerning

Posted on: October 12th, 2011 by designdesign

As a designer, I am constantly obsessing over good typography. My professors were constantly enforcing the importance of having a great eye to detail when it comes to type. I now have a strong understanding of the value of kerning. Here is a great website to practice your kerning.

Some of you might be wondering exactly what kerning is. Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing in between individual letters. Some fonts create a spacing in between the letters that is visually unpleasing. As designers, we are constantly fixing the kerning so the letters have a natural flow.

There is a grocery store chain located where I went to college, and you can easily notice the kerning is off on their logo. It would bother me so much every time I passed their sign. Can you guess which letters need to be kerned on the logo below?

What Do You Do?

Posted on: October 10th, 2011 by designdesign

I have to admit, I can be easily inspired. It’s just my nature. I remember once hearing that I should let any little thing that makes me feel good bring about happiness, after all: why not? If the sun making patterns through the window right now makes me smile or the sweet taste of the sugar in my coffee is extra enjoyable today, why not become energized by those things?

Last week I was walking my newborn son through the park and there were orange leaves falling from the trees and floating like sparkling snowflakes. The way I suddenly noticed them almost felt like they started falling just for he and I as we walked down the path. And I thought to myself, how can so many leaves fall constantly, or do the trees just wait until someone walks by to appreciate the brightly colored treasures to let them dance through the air?

A little crazy, maybe, but I’m okay with that because it made me smile to myself and to really live in that moment.

And I think that as designers and marketing consultants we have to allow our minds to run a little freer than others’. We have to plan practically, but then sometimes put down the completely practical side of things and think outside of the box that is “outside the box.”

It’s not just about designing a brand, developing a website or even making a client happy. Our creative team wants more than that.

We want the audience to notice something that they’ve never seen before or to discover the hidden meaning behind a company’s message. We want them to enjoy the “Ah-ha” moment and the feeling that comes over them when they do.

It’s like seeing the arrow in the FedEx logo or realizing that the Nike swoosh was sketched over a casual lunch on a cocktail napkin…. Since that meeting, Nike has found ways to inspire millions of individuals across the world. If that many people are influenced, can it really be coincidental.

So, when someone at an event asks me, “What do you do?” is it too much to say, “I inspire people to communicate and to see things they never knew were there?” Why not? I know I’m not a doctor and my work will never save someone’s life, but it’s cool to put others into a new way of thinking and to offer them the energy to find inspiration in something that never inspired them before. I call it, “Seeing things.” Really seeing things when we’re not too busy to actually look.

And when you do, the feeling is amazing.

~ Erika


Lester Water Cocktail Party

Posted on: October 6th, 2011 by designdesign

Our design and marketing team was at our client Lester Water’s cocktail party last night. The three lucky girls all won a raffle prize! Click here to visit Lester Water’s site which we redesigned recently. We love working with them!